Who am I?

I have always loved technology, be it building, fixing, creating or adapting. I started fairly young, having built my first program(an English to French translator) aged 12, which took me the entire 6-week school holiday writing the entire dictionary into Basic on a Windows 98 device.

Fast forward 20 years and I own and run Cornard Computer Medic, A IT Support company in Sudbury Suffolk. We offer a IT Services from M365, Gsuite, Security, Email Security, MDM, Backup and much more, Also a director of Rapture Gaming Festival

Early Adoption

As technology goes I do enjoy early adoption, finding new tech to fix old problems and exploring new realms I first tried VR in 2015 I traded my wares at an insomnia gaming festival for a chance to experience “Real” VR, and it blew my mind one of the biggest gaming disruptions I’ve seen fast forward. AI Art and AI learning have piqued my interest lately in learning and using stable diffusion and GPT3-GPT4 and beyond and combining these with n8n. I have used AI art to generate revenue through image sales.

Knowledge base

Below is a brief breakdown of the products I support.

Below is a brief breakdown of the programming languages I have used

As a self-employed technician, I have worked on behalf of companies in various industries and have a wide variety of product knowledge. We have customers from the Aerospace, Financial, Construction and gaming industry. I also support small single-person businesses and home users.