Insomnia Gaming Festival

Attending my first ever event as an event manager

A Gaming invitation

During my early days at Computer Medic, I was recruited by Fragers to represent their brand and their clients’ brands at various gaming festivals. One of the festivals they asked me to attend was Insomnia, which I had heard about through my gaming networks but had never personally experienced. I eagerly accepted the opportunity, as it was my first time attending a gaming festival as an employee rather than just a regular attendee, and I was excited to present Fragers’ Mobile Gaming Theatres – a unique and cutting-edge gaming platform housed inside cool double-decker buses outfitted with the latest high-tech equipment.

Initially, I was slated to run the Gamers bus while another colleague managed the Razerbus (yes, the same Razer brand renowned for their high-quality peripherals). However, as the Razer booth required someone with strong technical knowledge and expertise to run it, I was quickly reassigned to manage it instead. Thus began my journey across Europe, working at a series of exciting events and representing the top brands in the gaming industry.

People queuing to get on the Razerbus(photo from our Valencia tour)

Behind the scenes with big brands

As an event manager working with big gaming brands, I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience their latest and greatest products at events firsthand. From testing out cutting-edge gaming hardware and accessories to trying out new game releases before they hit the market, it’s been an exciting and immersive experience.

In addition to experiencing the products themselves, I’ve also had the chance to witness the enthusiasm and passion of the gaming community and how they interact with these brands. It’s been truly inspiring to see how these products can bring people together and create unforgettable experiences. As an event manager, it’s a privilege to be a part of that process and to help create those memorable moments for gamers and enthusiasts alike.







Exploring the World of Gaming Events

As the event manager, my team – ranging from 3 to 20 people – and I would typically arrive at the event location 3 to 4 days ahead of the scheduled start date. Our first order of business was to set up all the necessary equipment and to liaise with our sponsors. Next, I would train the team on all the required duties that they would be responsible for during the event.

During the actual live event, my focus would shift to ensuring that our booth was running smoothly and effectively. I would also be available to provide assistance and support wherever necessary. Additionally, I recognized the importance of forging strong, long-term relationships with key brands and sponsors, and so I would make a point to network and interact with them throughout the event.

Me on stage with Nick(from Razer) and O.B and Max(from Hollyoaks)