Killer uploads was started as a webfile host back in the days before dropbox, wetransfer, very self sustaining for a few years.

When leaned into programming and starting making projects of passion one of my pet hates was that sharing files was such a chore, Free file hosts restricted you to HTML or some non-sense in the name of saving HDD space or security(they had a point to be fair). I decided that I would create a file upload website together with one other silent partner I created basic homepage

During the lifecycle of this project I coded from scratch in PHP a user management system that linked to MYSQL and displayed a front end based on HTML and Javascript, As this was the early days of bootstrap I made all of the UI from scratch. 

The website featured the ability to upload a file which would be stored forever. The upload could be password protected and required a custom-made captcha for bot prevention. users also received a delete URL that was a UID which they could use any time to remove their files, or they could do this in the user profile. 

It featured the Top20 most downloaded files and a browse and search, the platform was not built to share private files (as anyone could browse anything uploaded) but was used by many to share desktop backgrounds, drivers for software and anything else people wanted to share.

The file browser on

This is another project I spent a great deal of time creating as a passion project with no financial incentives but a need to solve my own problem. I leave this page here as a homage to you