Medway Gaming Festival

Delivering Medway Gaming Festival 2023

Medway Gaming Festival

In 2023, the Medway Gaming Festival embraced fresh endeavors by introducing various new attractions. These included a life-size DND tabletop, a Gel blaster arena, an expansive 88+ Table tabletop zone, additional Traderzones, and thrilling Robot wars, among other exciting features. As we prepared for the event, our core team was assigned specific zones and began their tasks diligently. My responsibility involved overseeing the entire gaming area, addressing planning hiccups (as perfect planning is a challenge in itself!), and establishing realistic goals and deliverables in accordance with the event’s demands.

There be a treasure map!

Public Map for MGF 2023

As organizers of the Medway Gaming Festival 2023, we were determined to take things up a notch and deliver an unforgettable experience for all the gaming enthusiasts out there. Adding new and exciting attractions was our way of ensuring that this year’s festival would be one for the books.

One of the areas we were particularly excited about was the virtual reality zone. With our expertise and knowledge of the gaming world, we set up an impressive array of three Quest 2’s and two Vives to immerse the attendees in a mind-blowing VR experience. But that’s not all – we teamed up with KO to create a VR Arena featuring an additional six Quest 2’s, guaranteeing an adrenaline-packed adventure for every participant.

And then there was the Retro area – a true gem for nostalgic gamers. We carefully curated a collection of consoles from the ’70s onwards, accompanied by dioramas representing each gaming generation. The combination of older CRT and classic TV sets created an ambiance that both kids and parents adored, taking them on a journey through gaming history.

Of course, we couldn’t resist adding some iconic touches outside the Retro area. The Back to the Future car and Jurassic Park jeep served as eye-catching attractions, setting the stage for what was to come.

The life-size DND zone was another passion project of ours. We worked closely with Jasper, Liam, and Gary’s vision to create an epic adventure zone that would cater to all those who sought the thrill of tabletop gaming on a grand scale. The response from the attendees was beyond our expectations, and we were delighted to witness the joy and excitement this area brought to the festival.

But that’s not all – the Gel blaster arena proved to be an absolute hit! The intense battles and heart-pounding action had everyone on their toes, leaving them hungry for more adrenaline-filled moments.

As attendees made their way through these fantastic zones, they were greeted by the gaming hall – the heart and soul of the Medway Gaming Festival. Here, they were met with a plethora of playable stations, ranging from tabletop games to army zones, indie game showcases, and a bustling trader’s zone.

With the help of our dedicated team, we ensured that every aspect of the gaming hall was meticulously organized. Special thanks go to Paul Gush, who played a vital role in pulling this area together. His expertise and passion for gaming made a significant impact on the overall success of the festival.

Seeing the cosplayers bring beloved characters to life and witnessing the epic tournaments on the stage filled us with immense pride. We wanted to create an environment where gamers could connect, compete, and celebrate their shared love for gaming, and we achieved just that.

Organizing the Medway Gaming Festival was both a challenge and a joy. Drawing from our experiences at past Rapture Gaming Festivals, we aimed to raise the bar and create a gaming paradise like no other. The positive feedback and enthusiastic response from the attendees were a testament to the hard work and dedication put forth by our entire team.

We’re already looking forward to planning the next festival, and we can’t wait to surprise and delight everyone once again with even more exciting attractions and thrilling gaming experiences!


Great Cosplay W40K


Virtual Reality Zone

Life-sized DND

Liam and Jasper DND
Very fetching photo of me.

A thank you to all of the staff who helped make this event great.

Everyone worked so hard over 50 people across the weekend helped us entertain over 6000 guests! Looking forward to next year